Schedule an Appointment

I would be so happy to see you in consultation to help maximize your health. If you are interested in seeing me as a patient, we have two options.

We can meet for an In-person Visit, or a TeleHealth Video Visit:

In-person Visits

(All in-person visits will follow careful precautions related to preventing the spread of Covid 19)

We can schedule an appointment to meet in person in the following ways:

  • Home Visit: At your home for a home visit (my preferred visit type; you just need to live within about 30 minutes of downtown Santa Rosa)
  • Outdoors Visit: At an outdoor location such as at a park or other outdoor venue (to enjoy the view and maximize air circulation during Covid 19 times)
  • Office Visit: At my office at the Soul Shine Wellness Center, 440 South E Street, Santa Rosa, CA,95404
  • Grocery Store Visit: At the local grocery store or farmer’s market, also giving an opportunity for me to help with food selection questions 

Current insurance plans accepted: Medicare only.  

For in-person visits I also accept cash/credit. If you have insurance coverage from a company that I don’t contract with, I am happy to generate a superbill that you (or I) can submit to your insurer. Depending on your insurer, they may cover part or all of the office fee that you pay, but please check with them to confirm. If you are paying out of pocket, my current consultation fee is $200 for an initial hour long visit and hour long follow up visits, and $100 for half hour follow up visits.

Not sure if this is for you? Call me for a free 15 minute initial phone consultation if you would like to chat first before committing to an in-person visit. I can be reached at 707-583-9772.

If you are already a patient, you can access your patient portal here:

TeleHealth Video Visits

I am excited to work alongside Dr. Laurie Marbas, Dr. Michael Klaper, and six other amazing physicians as part of the Plant Based TeleHealth team. We are a group of clinicians experienced in using the power of a healthy plant-based diet and lifestyle to prevent and treat chronic illnesses. I currently have medical licenses in California, Texas, and Florida, and can therefore see you as a patient via video if you are located physically within these states at the time of the video call. Between the nine of us physicians on PBTH, we have all 50 states covered, so if you live outside of California, Texas, or Florida and are in need of a plant based doctor, please see one of my colleagues. The current fee for a video visit is $150/half hour appointment. PBTH is not currently accepting insurance. If you would like to chat with me to see how a visit would benefit you, feel free to reach out to me at 707-583-9772.